The Advantages of Horse Fencing for Properties in Guildford

At Specialist Fencing, we can supply many different types of commercial and domestic fencing for our customers. One of our more common fencing services requested in Guildford is for horse fencing. The fencers working for our company can undertake installations for smallholdings, farms or stables.

Horses and ponies must be properly fenced in to prevent them from wandering or straying. The suitability of the fencing will often depend on the temperament of the horse or pony. Our fencers always work with the safety of your animal in mind.

Wherever possible, we will try and use fencing that blends in with the natural surroundings. With domestic fencing in the Guildford area, we work to your personal requirements but with horse fencing, we are usually covering a larger plot of land and prefer to advise our customers on the right type of fencing for the job.

This sometimes means that the job could require planning permission and that the fencing must provide benefits for the environment and landscape. There are usually two types of horse fencing to consider; permanent and temporary.

boundary fencing, the job is usually permanent. With sub-divide paddock fencing, this could be a temporary installation for haymaking or grass restoration work.

Horse Fencing Styles for Clients the Guildford area

When working with horse fencing, our fencers find styles that are deemed to be the most suitable for your Guildford property. In most cases, the choices we offer our customers are timber fences, electric fencing and plain wire fencing.

Timber fencing is what we consider the safest. While the posts are made of a hardwood such as chestnut or oak, the fence rails can be made of treated softwood. Our fencers can add electric wire or tape to make the installation just that little bit safer.

Electric horse fencing works off a mains or battery-operate unit.

Plain wire fencing is more commonly used at properties in Guildford. Our fencers install this fencing in different areas of a field or site. When correctly maintained and tightened, this horse fencing will keep livestock exactly where you want it. Plain wire fencing has the lowest visual impact on the landscape. From a distance, only the fence posts are visible.

Wire netting with a smaller mesh will be far more beneficial to the horse than a larger wire. This means that if a horse paws at the fence, it shouldn’t get its hoof or shoe caught. Again, an electric barrier can be used to prolong the life of horse fencing in Guildford.

Before any horse, commercial or domestic fencing installation, we visit your premises and offer a free, no-obligation quote on what we feel would work best for you and your land.

Call Specialist Fencing now and one of our team will arrange a time to visit your Guildford property. We are contactable on (01276) 27990 or (07711) 200453.