We Comply with Domestic Fencing Regulations in Farnham

At Specialist Fencing, we make sure that our customers are informed of any rules and regulations that need to be considered when erecting domestic fencing in the Farnham area. Our fencers help property owners to understand the importance of land boundaries and how to treat their neighbours with fairness and respect.

Whether you are planning to use us to create a boundary fence or horse fencing for a private smallholding, we make sure our fencers are compliant with current legislation.

There are no laws stating that homeowners must erect fences around their properties on a compulsory basis. People opt for domestic fencing to add privacy and security. The rules regarding boundaries, however, are a little hazy and can cause conflict between property or landowners in Farnham without the correct information and the right approach.

Understanding Fencing Boundaries

Boundaries are shown on your property’s title deeds and will be the first place to look when determining how the land lies. The deeds will show if there’s an existing boundary agreement between two properties and should provide a guide as to where we can install domestic fencing for our clients in Farnham.

If the deeds don’t have this information, the property with the struts or posts on its side is often be considered to own the fencing. If this still feels like a grey area, our fencers recommend that you speak to your neighbour and draw up a boundary agreement together. This is particularly important if you feel an agreement could stop any conflict.

Once negotiated, our fencers will start to size up for the domestic or horse fencing installation at your Farnham home or smallholding. A competitive quote is provided.

Planning permission is only needed if:

  • The structure is over 2m high
  • The structure is over 1m high and next to a highway
  • The fencing could produce an overhang for pedestrians or passing traffic
  • Your property is a listed building or is a linked to a listed building

Sharing a domestic fencing boundary can be a difficult topic for some neighbours to talk about so good communication is always key. We highly recommend that you speak to your own neighbours before our fencers undertake any work at your Farnham home.

Specialist Fencing will not only help you decide what type of fencing would suit your garden best but we will also talk you through the different materials that we use to give your fencing that little bit extra in terms of quality and style.

Call us today on (07711) 200453 to discuss domestic and horse fencing in Farnham. We will be only too glad to help you.